Something Evil
Something Evil
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A married couple with two young children move into a Pennsylvania farmhouse that turns out to be inhabited by demons. Darren McGavin portrays the TV producer husband, while Sandy Dennis plays his artist wife. Popular child star Johnny Whitaker co-stars as their oldest child, who becomes possessed and begins to torment his family and their friends. When the mother begins to sense that something may be wrong with her son, her husband and friends think she is going insane. Directed by... Steven Spielberg??
Featured in Damon Packard's BIG BOX OF EVIL.
In Damon Packard’s REFLECTIONS OF EVIL, Bobby unwinds by watching old movies on his grandmother’s VCR. but what does he watch? mastered from crummy VHS tapes, here are 6 TV horror movies from the 70’s, hand picked by Damon Packard, jam packed with special features, commercials, and television bumpers.
Steven Spielberg -- USA -- 1971 -- 73 mins

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