Force of Evil (1977)
Force of Evil (1977)
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A rapist and murderer named Teddy Jakes–the crematorium operator at a hospital prior to his conviction—is paroled after seven years in jail and returns to a small community to take revenge against a physician at the hospital named Dr. Carrington, whose testimony sent Jakes to prison rather than providing him with an alibi. Essentially a remake of Cape Fear, with the addition of a supernatural element.
Featured in Damon Packard's BIG BOX OF EVIL.
In Damon Packard’s REFLECTIONS OF EVIL, Bobby unwinds by watching old movies on his grandmother’s VCR. but what does he watch? mastered from crummy VHS tapes, here are 6 TV horror movies from the 70’s, hand picked by Damon Packard, jam packed with special features, commercials, and television bumpers.
Richard Lang -- USA -- 1977 -- 100 mins.

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