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Yes, this is the Greek art film about a fully cloistered, thoroughly fucked-up family that features genuine sex scenes. And believe it or not, it's funny in its own unsettling way. Imagine The Village with only one family, The Virgin Suicides with two demented parents, or The Shining with less blood. This is Dogtooth, in which a trio of teenage-ish siblings is imprisoned, homeschooled, and sexualized on the grounds of their parents' eerily tranquil, hedge-fortified estate. Though Mother and Father are obviously bonkers--not naming their kids, teaching them a fake vocabulary, letting them frolic in their underwear, games involving blindfolds, no wire hangers!--they do have a plan for instilling values, and they stick to it. Who are we to judge? Speaking of judges, Cannes thought it worthy of a Certain Regard Award. "The most original nightmare in years" (Time Out New York). In Greek with English subtitles.

Giorgos Lanthimos---Greece---2009---94 mins.

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