Los Muertos
Los Muertos
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Gorgeously shot in the Argentine jungle, Los Muertos is a hypnotic and austere investigation of the boundaries between nature and civilization--and the violence that lurks within both. A man named Vargas (Argentino Vargas) is released from prison and goes into the wild. He methodically relieves himself of clothing and money, allowing the jungle to reclaim him. Filmmaker Lisandro Alonso (La Libertad) refuses to explain his themes (the isolation of th e jungle; the path from guilt to absolution; the convict's reintegration into society), preferring to bathe his viewers in the sensual sights and sounds of the tropics, while hinting at the unsettling implications of such a journey. "The Dead is an ironic appellation for a movie so fiercely alive, thou gh perfectly apt for what turns out to be a strange sort of horror film" (Natha n Lee, Village Voice). Winner of the International Critics Prize at the Venice Film Festival. In Spanish with English subtitles. Lisandro Alonso---Argentina---2004---82 mins.

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