Apartment, The (L'appartement)
Apartment, The (L'appartement)
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Vincent Cassell (Brotherhood of the Wolf), Romane Bohringer (The Accompanist), Sandrine Kiberlain (Seventh Heaven), and Monica Bellu ci (Malena) star in this excellent debut feature from Gilles Mimouni. It is an intricate narrative revolving around a man, about to be married, who becomes obsessed with another beauty he believes to be a long lost love. "...filmed with a bravura style that seamlessly blends and merges classic camera techniques with consummate skill...a gorgeously wicked film that tes ts visceral foreplay to a near unbearable but satisfying climax" (Almar Haflidason, BBCi). In French with English subtitles.
Gilles Mimouni---France---1996---112 mins.

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