Parsons Widow, The
Parsons Widow, The
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Seminary-school graduate Söfren (Einar Rod) can't believe his luck when he out-preaches the competition and receives his first appointment as the new parson of a church in a rural town -- until he hears that his contract will force him to marry the previous parson's elderly widow, Margarete (Hildur Carlberg). Söfren and his beloved fiancée, the clever and beautiful Mari (Greta Almroth), pose as brother and sister, struggling to hide their love as they wait for Margarete to die. One of Dreyer's classic silent films, digitally mastered from a 35MM. archive print, speed-corrected and tinted with new music compiled by Neal Kurz from the works of Edward Grieg.

Carl Theodor Dreyer-- Sweden-- 1929--71 mins.

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