Letter from an Unknown Woman (Blu-Ray)
Letter from an Unknown Woman (Blu-Ray)
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From Max Ophuls, the legendary director of THE EARRINGS OF MADAME DE comes this deeply moving, timeless tale of love and obsession. In early 20th century Vienna, Stefan Brand (Louis Jourdan) is in the process of fleeing Vienna on the eve of a duel he wants no part of, however before he can do so, he receives an anonymous Letter from an Unknown Woman. Stefan is deeply moved by what he reads and starts to realize that the letters author is Lisa Berndl (Joan Fontaine), a young woman he's known, but disregarded for most of his life. Screenplay by Howard Koch (CASABLANCA) and produced by John Houseman (SORRY, WRONG NUMBER).

Max Ophuls -- USA -- 1948 -- 87 mins.

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