Eastern Promises (Blu-Ray)
Eastern Promises (Blu-Ray)
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A tattooed and taut Viggo Mortensen snakes his way out of a Ukrainian prison and into the not-so-good graces of the Russian mob in London. Simultaneously, the diary of an abused mafia prostitute lands in the hands of an intrepid nurse played by Naomi Watts, whose search to find the girl's family leads her straight into the gangsters'' den. Though body-genre director David Cronenberg isn't exploding any heads (Scanners) or barfing off any limbs (The Fly), he''s still keen on showing you what the inside of the human body looks like. And expert cinematographer Peter Suschitzky keeps his camera fixe d on these graphic images for a few moments too many, so if your stomach is weak, don''t make any Eastern Promises. This strange, sinister film als o features a bathhouse sequence in which a full-frontal Viggo battles two hatchet men. Such homoerotic brutality, you will never forget. With Vincent Cassel, Armin Mueller-Stahl, Sinead Cusack and Polish director Jerzy Skolimowski.

David Cronenberg -- Great Britain/Canada -- 2007 -- 100 mins.

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