Army of Shadows
Army of Shadows
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Set in German-occupied Lyons during WWII, this tragic, highly-atmospheric picture concerns a French Resistance fighter (Lino Ventura) who is betrayed by an informer and sent to a prison camp, where he awaits the Gestapo. Based on Joseph Kessel's novel, Army of Shadows, or The Army in the Shadows, was a personal endeavor for Jean-Pierre Melville, who was a Resistance fighter himself. With Paul Meurisse, Jean-Pierre Cassel, and Simon e Signoret. "It''s here that Melville fully achieved his notion of the sublime, applying Le Samourai''s ''empty'' compositions and near theatrical blocking, as well as its methodical suspense, cosmic fatalism, and sense of grim solitude, to a subject far closer to his heart" (J. Hoberman, Villag e Jean-Pierre Melville---France/Italy---1969---145 mins.

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